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Welcome to the BrewPi wiki.

What is BrewPi?

This is where all the documentation and guides for BrewPi will live. Everyone can contribute, so please correct errors and add information while you are using the wiki.

Consult the User's Guide and the Markup spec for information on using the wiki software.


Getting started with BrewPi

The getting started guide for BrewPi has moved to: We switched to using Sphinx to write the official documentation, because a wiki didn't work well for this purpose. You can still contribute to the docs, just send me a pull request on GitHub! See the docs directory in brewpi-www. The guide has also been updated for BrewPi 0.2

Other pages (add custom pages here if you don't know where they should go):

BrewPi Shield for Arduino

How to use GitHub

Info to be added

Setting up the brewpi-avr Atmel Studio project

Raspberry Pi SD Card Setup via Mac

Automatically restart a crashed Raspberry Pi with the internal watchdog

Setting up Eclipse for BrewPi development

Running brewpi on Windows

Development Work In Progress

Planning a brewpi build

Temperature Profile Guides

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