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Buyers Guide

Everything you need to run your fermentation chamber with BrewPi

We have made this guide to make it easy to find everything you will need (if you are a first time user) to make your fermentation fridge run with BrewPi. There are several components you will need to get started.

  • BrewPi can also be used for mashing, running your pumps, and controlling automatic valves and we will post a buyers guide for mashing as soon as it is ready.

The BrewPi

  • A BrewPi Spark 3
    • Micro-USB cable
  • A Raspberry Pi
    • Micro SD card (8 GB or above)
    • Power Supply (The power needed differs between model numbers. please look which power supply suits your Raspberry Pi)
    • Ethernet cable
    • Some of you may also want a housing for your Raspberry Pi so that it is not so exposed
  • Temperature Sensors
    • Wall Mounted Onewire Temperature Sensor (Waterproof Onewire Temperature Sensor for carboys)
    • Short Onewire Temperature Sensor
    • (Optional) Additional temperature sensor for secondary fermentor
    • (Optional) Additional temperature sensor for room
  • Solid State Relay x2
  • (Optional) Expansion board (purchase RJ12 cable with it!)
  • (Optional) Panel Mount Coupler
  • Flexible 2-Wire 1mm2 cable
  • Electrical wiring + junctions
Optional Extras

Using the BREWPI ONEWIRE SSR EXPANSION BOARD it is possible to mount your BrewPi Spark 3 further away from the fridge, if for example your fridge is placed outside. You will need an additional RJ12 cable to connect the expansion board to the BrewPi.