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  • State somewhere that you will need to hack your fridge yourself and a bit a electrical knowledge is required (or, point to a guide shorter and simple than then “Fridge hacking guide”)
  • The Home page and the website describe very well what's the product, Pierre got a clear understanding, especially with the diagram showing how elements are connected together. Images helps a lot. For example, he ordered the SSRs because they look like these tiny yellow boxes on the diagram.
  • Buying the right parts is very difficult: some parts are mysterious, some others are implicit and not easy to know that you need them.
  • Pierre first bought:
    • A BrewPi, without power supply (he thought it was provided)
    • A Raspberry (but didn't know which one to pick between the two)
    • The cheapest temperature sensor, only one.
  • Then he was lost and was about to place his order : *we need a starting kit and a detailed guide on what to buy to hack a fridge*
  • SSR: what is this exactly? he didn't get the role of it. *A small guide describing the elements could help*
  • He then connected everything following the home page diagram and got it right, except that the BrewPi wasn't powered on because he didn't introduce the SD Card into the raspberry.
  • He thought he could access the raspberry via WiFi without doing anything. I asked him to plug a network cable then and focus on the fridge first.
  • He had absolutely no idea on how to connect the SSRs to the fridge. The Fridge hacking guide was too complex and discouraged him. *What about selling AC Relays where you just have to plug your fridge into?*. We supposed we did that.
  • He didn't know how to generate heat, so I pointed him again to the fridge hacking guide. He then understood that he had to order some heater. *Maybe precise that in the kit, they it's needed to order one separately? Or even sell them?*
  • Confusion between Photon and Spark. They are used randomly.
  • The Controller WiFi Setup procedure was pretty clear and well executed by Pierre, except for:
    • Identifying if he had v2 or v3 in hand
    • Finding the setup button (add a picture?)
    • We used the Particle Android app. The link to the store was helpful but he was expecting something to show up on the screen after clicking install. *Maybe state that you should switch to your phone for this step. Also, we should open this page into a new tab.*
    • Once configuration was done, state that you should go back to your computer.
    • Section on how to configure should be numbered/more hierarchically displayed: he thought the next step was to configure it again using “particle-cli”
    • Note also that the IP is NOT displayed if the Pi is in test mode, so it's not possible for a first run.
  • I offered him a pre-installed setup on a card.
  • Using windows, he wasn't able to access “brewpi.local”
  • I pointed him to the “Apple Bonjour” installer, which he installed successfully and managed to reach the Pi
  • We should have some guide with screenshot showing how to configure typical setup for a 2 temperature sensors/heater/cooler configuration. Once explained, he could configure that more easily than I thought.
  • Then he set the beer to 10°C and was super happy that it worked.

His impressions are that it is pretty cool, almost accessible and very interesting for any hobby brewer if the difficult parts were made easier.