You can connect over WiFi or over USB. The select to which USB serial port or to which IP address the BrewPi server connects, you can modify the port setting in settings/config.cfg.

Connecting the BrewPi Spark via USB

If you want to connect to the BrewPi Spark over USB, our recommendation is to leave the port setting to auto:

port = auto

With port set to auto, the BrewPi python script will automatically identify compatible devices and use them. Alternatively, you can specify a serial port:

port = /dev/ttyACM0

Please note that if you are running the BrewPi server inside a docker container, you need to give the container access to the USB device by setting the –device flag when you start the container.

Connecting the BrewPi Spark via WiFi

Set up WiFi on the BrewPi Spark following these instructions.

Configure the port setting as follows (assuming the ip address of your BrewPi Spark is

port = socket://

Where to set the port setting?

The port setting is set /home/brewpi/settings/config.cfg. You can use nano to edit it.

cd /home/brewpi/settings
nano config.cfg

If you are running BrewPi inside a docker container, you have mapped the data and settings files of BrewPi to a folder on the host. You can also edit the files there.